Welcome To The Harrogate Quilting Studio

Turn your precious patchwork creations into beautifully completed quilts that will delight any recipient, grace any bed and look fabulous on any wall.

What do we offer at The Harrogate Quilting Studio?

  • Any size of quilting project, from lap quilts to king size beds
  • Wall hangings are a speciality
  • We use a top-of-the-range, fully computerised Gammill Statler long arm quilting machine
  • A vast range of patterns, covering every occasion and theme
  • Fast service - because of the level of automation, your quilts can be completed and returned to you very quickly
  • Full consultation service - we strive to assist you in every way with your choice of pattern, wadding and thread, so that you are assured of a finished quilt which will delight you
  • Competitive rates